Conte Novello Farm - Biological products red wine DOC Bolgheri, oil, vermentino, grappa.

Località Bandita, 338 57022 Castagneto Carducci (LI)

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  • The Cellar

    Wines of Bolgheri

  • The Cellar

    Wines of Bolgheri

  • The Cellar

    Wines of Bolgheri


The Cellar

Wines of Bolgheri

Casa di Terra Farm, wines of Bolgheri

Bolgheri is a charming and incredible beautiful place,with sweet mountains that slope towards the sea with vineyards and olive trees as far as the eye can see.

We love this land that has always set the beat of work in our family.

Here the reds and vermentini offer their maximum expression and we work day after day to create quality wines and oil.

The reds of Bolgheri Doc and of Terratico of Bibbona, Vermentino, the aromatic Extra Virgin Olive oil and the Grappa are our products and our passion.

Our biggest desire is to give to wine lovers the possibility to come into contact with the reality of this magnificent land, we are always therefore available for guided tasting in our company.

Our Products

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Casa di terra Red wine Moreccio
Casa di terra Red wine Poggio Querciolo
Casa di terra Red wine Mosaico
Casa di terra Red wine Maronea
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Casa di terra Vermentino Bolgheri
Casa di terra Allegra
Casa di terra Grappa
Casa di terra Extra virgin oil

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